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"FHCSD is a human fast-food chain.... they are constantly pressuring the workers to work faster, harder, and to process more and more patients, like cattle"

Miss L
Former employee

"Avoid this place, all of them! I don't know where else to tell you to go, but this organization is a failure and a joke... No one here knows anything. After years of trying them, it's just the final straw. They have never successfully been able to determine or treat any issue effectively ever. 

David B.
San Diego, CA

"They should have the self-reflection in decency to stop, to quit because they are a disgrace to the medical industry. They are incompetent and unknowledgeable" An adult version of a kindergarten nurse who has perhaps slightly a little more medical knowledge than recommending ice or Band-Aids. 

David B.
San Diego, CA

"What bugs me most about this place is how they seem to not understand the concept of consent and patient-directed care... Everything takes so long to do here and they have no concept of respect for your time or asking what you need."

Tony C.
El Cajon, CA

"Incompetent, unethical, dishonest and abusive providers ... When complaints are filed with hopes of resolution.. the clinic director will rally around the abusers while they lie to the patient’s face. Despicable.

13 reviews 12 photos ★ ★★★★ a year ago
Communication is horrible here. My severely disabled son has suffered significantly and I've had to take unnecessary time from work/ life due to their serious inability to be professionally communicative or prompt. Medications my son requires for him to attend school and care facility were never called in (though promised) therefore causing me to miss work and my son's liver to act up (as the doctor told us was the problem with his liver already...) I should have heeded the warning from another mom about this place...
ifr 2

Huong Nguyen (3 doesn't recommend Family Health Centers of San Diego.
July 8, 2015 -0
Appointments do not mean anything here. I had to wait 2 hours to get my booster shot even though I had an appointment. I also had to leave the clinic TWICE to pay for my expired parking meter. On top of that, I was supposed to speak to the health insurance agent after I was done with my appointment, but since it took too long the office was closed and the insurance agent left. I repeatedly told the nurse I had to speak to the insurance agent before she left because it was getting close to closing time. Does this clinic even care about patients? Why go into the healthcare field when you obviously don't care about people?
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Yo Yo
3 reviews
★ ★★★★ 3 months ago
This place is a joke. Makes me feel sorry for those who have no choice but to deal with this kind of clinic. Good thing I have a choice and will never come back to this place again. A waist of time and an experience I could have went a lifetime with out dealing with. Go anywhere else for Covid testing.
iár Lite

July 2,2019
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"Always negotiate your salary with FHCSD HR. Never settle for what they offer."
1.0 ★ v Current Employee - Lead CPT/Lab Assistant II In San Diego, CA
■ Doesn't Recommend Neutral Outlook fl Disapproves of CEO
I have been working at Family Health Centers of San Diego full-time for more than 10 years
Stable schedule, most positions are entry level Cons
FHCSD CEO is money hungry. It appears she only cares about expansion on the costs of the little people's mediocre salaries.
Advice to Management
Take care of the "Little People.”
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"Horrible place to work as a provider"
1.0 ★ v Former Employee-Physician Assistant in San Diego, CA
B Doesn't Recommend Neutral Outlook
I worked at Family Health Centers of San Diego part-time for more than a year Pros
You get the chance to care for the underserved, which is what drew me to apply to work there.
There are some key things that make this place a nightmare to work for, speaking only from the role of a healthcare practioner. Clinic bosses are not medically trained. There are certain people that get certain privelages but you don't know who those people are until you see someone offend one or you offend one. Somehow, mysteriously, you get transferred within a day or 2 of stepping on their toes, then you usually "offend" someone else or "word gets out" that you offended so-and-so and you're Treated horribly until you're fired or quit. It happens constantly. That is one of the primary reasons for practioner turnover. It's not discussed. Some docs become favorites and will never get fired. Others fall into the pit-no one "taught them how to blend in". And no one ever told them nurses have way more power than healthcare providers. If you want to help the homeless and underserved, find another way. This job has the potential to hurt you in the long run. Management (which is very, very big) is very, very vindictive. They may try to ruin your career. They tried like hell to ruin the career of a friend of mine.
Advice to Management
Stop it. Actually try to follow your mission statement and stop strong arming people. Eventually there will be enough people to stand up and go to the press. I'll be right their at the forefront, ringing the bell.
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Crystal Estrada
1 review
★ ★★★★ 4 years ago
If I could I would give this clinic NEGATIVE 5 stars!!! Took my day off work to see the doctor for them to tell me the doctor could not see me! I had an appointment at 9:30 check in time is at 9:15 I called them to tell them I would be there at 9:30 they said that's fine as long as I got there I 9:30! I get there it's 9:31 and the girl at the front desk tells me they would have to see me as a walk in, so I agreed okay. Anyways I get in the room after the nurse told me I doc would be in shortly, the guy nurse comes in the room to tell me he had bad news and he's just the messenger, he told me they would not be able to attend me because I was late! What kind of circus are they running here!? Don't waste your time people! They treat you as if your health doesn't matter and waste your time!! Very UNPROFESSIONAL. I don't care if you're a low income clinic, learn to treat everybody with respect and at least act like you care!

Mark Wahner
2 reviews
★ ★★★★ a year ago
Went to get STD test for general health purposes and peace of mind. Could not get a straight answer from the woman at the desk to save my life. I finally told the woman I'd go somewhere else. Do they do testing? When? How much does it cost? What do they test for? I can sum up San Diego Family Health Services in a word WORTHLESS and the people working there in two INCOMPETENT and RUDE. They are a waste of tax payer money and retail space.

Local Guide 37 reviews 18 photos ★ ★★★★ a year ago
Honestly don't even bother showing up to this place. First of all they’ll make you wait way too long and don't properly prioritize their patients. If you're sick, you're better off going to an emergency room, since you're gonna wait at least 2-3 hours anyways so might as well do it in a real hospital which might be better staffed.
They might be nice and educated but that's of no use if they're making each patient wait for as long as a motion picture movie. It makes no sense, if only I'd known I would’ve never come here. The only reason I did come was because the walk-ins were full in spring valley. This place is a shame to urgent care clinics. The staff is as slow as can be. I can't reiterate enough, do not bring your business here.

Drew Maus (3 doesn't recommend Family Health Centers of San Diego.
January 23, 2017-0
If you enjoy fighting to get refills on non narcotic medications this place is for you. If you like waiting for a few weeks to get an appointment this place is also for you. I recommend this place to anyone to who likes having their time wasted and who also could care less about their health care.
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beptemoer i, zui^
Heiprui pj
"It's good until it's bad."
1.0 ★ v Current Employee - Speech Language Pathologist in San Diego, CA
B Doesn't Recommend B Negative Outlook B Approves of CEO
I have been working at Family Health Centers of San Diego full-time for more than a year
-Job security
Good cause
competitive pay spending on position -Annual 3% raise
Unprofessional support staff
Under-trained, inexperienced clinicians, with little guidance from supervisors
Disrespected my colleagues, support staff, supervisors, management
The goal is about quantity not quality
Overworked and forced to treat sick children, therefore clinicians are continually sick
Unsanitary working environment
Huge turn-around
Management has a strong power over staff and fires all supervisors who question policies and attempt to support those below them
Advice to Management
Read the exit surveys from your former staff and actually listen
Allow change to occur
Attempt to lower stress levels in your department

Blake Hobba
Local Guide 115 reviews 5 photos ★ ★★★★ 2 years ago
9/7 update Even lower quality of care than before. They're so horribly disorganized. Don't expect them to even think about getting around to seeing you until an hour after your appointment was. These people are clueless and apathetic to the point of negligence.
The regular walk in area is good (for a county clinic - expect a long wait and mid-quality care) but the maternity and young mother care here is mediocre at best. The staff upstairs in the mothers area is a bit more rude. They are also weird about the bathroom. Unlike the other departments in the building, they keep it locked, and give you dirty looks when you ask for the key. They are also the only department that leaves their TV off. It seems more like the receptionists just want to make themselves comfortable, and don't care as much about patients. The new San Ysidro location is so much more professional.
Don’t waste your time here. The Chula Vista location is by far the lesser.

Maren io, zuiz
"Management dysfunctional. Focus is on gaining market share,
not providing best care to patients."
1.0 ★ v in San Diego, CA
■ Doesn't Recommend fl Disapproves of CEO
I have been working at Family Health Centers of San Diego
Organization serves a population that really needs its services. Self-starters are able to
take on as much responsibility as they want.
Management dysfunction is severe. Managers do not have basic management skills,
and are not provided training. Staff are always working in emergency mode because of
poor long-term and short term planning. Organization does not reflect back on past
steps, so mistakes and problems continue on and on.
Advice to Management
Have never seen management respond to feedback from employees, so not offering
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 Adria D.
North Park, San Diego, CA @ 1208 @ 560 0 5858
0 1 photo
This place is a joke the receptionist are all named Jasmine aka jerks on rotation. The unprofessional and uncaring management needs revamping. I have been here through 2 stints referred by my primary care. Honestly they did nothing for my problems and even made it worse in my opinion. They are unprofessional and gossipy. Quite often my therapy was interrupted by other therapists with comments/questions etc which made me feel my time is not valuable. I would have to interrupt them to ask if they could focus on what I was doing there.
Speaking of invaluable time, they make you come 15 minutes early yet you just sit there for 15 minutes or more. I started coming in closer to the ACTUAL time because ofthat. I am on a tight schedule I don't appreciate them wasting my time!
I have had to wait past my appointment time before. Yet today I was 1 minute late, literally. Not exaggerating at all. They canceled my appointment and lied to me stating they took a walk in. I was like a walk in? In PT? How does that happen? Then changed the story to say my therapist went home..! said after ONE minute? I told them that didn't make sense did he go home or did he take a walk in? And HOW is there even walk ins for PT that takes a referral scheduling etc. That was all BS. I think they can wait longer than one minute after someone is late that is unheard of and ridiculous. They obviously overbooked and wasted my time AGAIN!
Bottom line I told them to cancel future appointments.

K S.
San Diego. CA
@0 03
Horrible horrible horrible horrible horrible horrible horrible experience from their primary doctors to their referrals to their medications they cannot get anything right for 2months NOW ridiculous absolutely ridiculous DONT GO THERE !!!!! You will REGRET IT
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