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FHCSD Dossier

 The FHCSD Dossier

Exceptional in not one single way

-draft document- 

Family Health Centers of San Diego (FHCSD) is a highly secretive organization using laws that govern nonprofit organizations to engage in a number of questionable activities.  This page will be used to develop a dossier on Family Health Centers of San Diego and will be frequently updated. 

A dossier is a document produced by intelligence agencies to provide descriptive material about a person or organization where there aren't sources of good information. The highly secretive nature of this powerful "non-profit" organization makes this the only practical approach in this stage of our investigation.   

A dossier is not intended to be objective but instead provides a direction for future research- it provides possible leads, conjecture, suspicions as well as hard factual information help other reporters and analysts in their own investigations.  Something has obviously gone very wrong at FHCSD but without better information, it's hard to know

Why did FHCSD Fail? 

To us, it is no longer a question of whether FHCSD failed, but rather why it failed.  We have experienced FHCSD failures firsthand, and we have seen them fail our community 

1. Hiring mostly entry-level employees.  FHCSD usually hires people as their first job out of medical or trade school, so they provide all the on-the-job training they would ever want by pairing these untrained workers with Medi-Cal patients and then giving them short sessions and a minimal amount of care.   

2. Indoctrination of employees.   This "original sin" at FHCSD is to recruit employees and justify low pay selling them on the mission of FHCSD of "helping the downtrodden".   They don't phrase it exactly like that, of course, they will use more careful language like "disadvantaged" - or more commonly we here they are told that FHCSD helps people who can't get insurance anyplace else".   

That sounds innocent enough at first until you consider how some employees.  Some, idealistic and just out of college might. at least subconsciously, think of themselves as superior to their patients who are older and may not have been successful in life.  What happens when they are overworked and seeing hundreds of patients?  They might expect "gratitude" - after all, these people wouldn't be getting medical care at all, if it weren't for us, some might think.  From the patient's perspective, this "gratitude" might be expected for substandard care and the fact that FHCSD has a near-monopoly on Medi-Cal patients in San Diego should have nothing to do with it. 

2. Indoctrination of employees. 

Business Model 

FHCSD uses the "non-profit" business model along with a massive amount of local, state and federal government funding to operate its clinics.   This organization is, of course, anything but non-profit to the CEO and her inner circle.  

    Leverage low-income patients time

Work Environment 

A review of the anonymous employer review websites: Indeed and GlassDoor show a remarkable consistency in how they view FHCSD even after they have left.  Most of them were entry-level employees and almost all seem to agree that, while they were overworked and underpaid, it was a good experience.  They believed in the stated mission of FHCSD of serving "low-income" populations and the hard work in close quarters nurtured a spirit of comradery and many friendships were formed.  

Almost universally, they all said something else though: "get your experience and get out".  There seems to be an almost unwritten agreement that employees are expected to leave after two years - similar to the armed forces "up or out".


Employee Indoctrination 

It is emphasized that they are helping low-income patients who would not otherwise be able to get medical care, and most believe in this mission.  This sense of "helping the downtrodden" used by management to justify the lower pay rates.  Most employees seem to accept this as a sacrifice and use the job to gain experience while helping people at the same time. 

This all sounds innocent enough, but is it possible that a kind of "dark seed" is planted with this indoctrination that goes on to contaminate the entire organization.  Could it be possible that a sense of superiority and even resentment is instilled in some employees because of this indoctrination?     

and also instill a sense of purpose so they will accept being overworked 

Employes Obsolescence (two years) 

Employees are expected to leave the organization after two years.   [sources needed}

Hiring only from within - the dark side


Board of Directors


Top Circle

Middle Management 


Organizational Structure 

Organizational Culture

Funding Sources  

Business Model 

From what we have been able to gather, the business model of FHCSD consists of providing patients by using inexperienced and unlicensed medical professionals at low pay, and then using them to provide minimalistic medical care to low income and Medi-Cal recipients.  

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