Giving voice to victims of Family Health Centers of San Diego


This is a special purpose publication that is operating a private investigation of Family Health Centers of San Diego (FHDSD).   

FHCSD is one of the largest "non-profit" community clinic providers of health care in the county and operates at 35 locations throughout San Diego County. It receives a massive amount of Federal, State, and Local funding yet operates with virtually no oversight and little regulation.   The organization itself is highly secretive and reveals almost nothing about its funding, organizational structure, or policies.  

There have been increasing and alarming reports of substandard medical care and abusive treatment of patients - most of whom are Medi-Cal recipients, as well as questionable billing practices.   In addition, the organization seems to have become more"adventuristic and had a spectacular failure operating a homeless navigation center - for which it took none of the blame and an ill-conceived plan to house and control homeless people in a highrise building above a clinic they own.  

Since more and more people are being crammed into their low-quality services, and more and more people are being hurt by it, we believe it is long past time to shine a light on some of the questionable practices of FHCSD.  


1.  Gain a thorough knowledge of FHCDS including its funding, policies, staff, and operations so we can understand why this organization has failed its patients so badly and help our region develop alternatives.

2.  Encourage the government, at the Federal, State, and Local level to improve oversight of this organization and the professional accountability of its medical staff,  

3.  To provide advocacy for San Diego residents who have been harmed by this organization by helping them organize complaints and find alternatives for care. 

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