Giving voice to victims of Family Health Centers of San Diego

Another patient comes forward to complain about abusive behavior by FHCSD staff psychiatrist Darinka Aragon-Milagros

In a report we just found, FHCSD patient Brianna P. posted on Yelp in March of this year, about the rude and abusive behavior she experienced in two sessions with FHCSD staff psychiatrist Darinka Aragon-Milagros (LICENSE NUMBER: A 139241).   "For someone that chose to be a doctor, you would think she would be patient and open to questions but instead she makes you feel rushed and pressures you to choose medications," Brianna writes, "you should feel comfortable with a provider prescribing you medications and Dr. Aragon does the exact opposite.  She's rude, speaks VERY fast, intolerant and unpleasant.  Do NOT go to her!". This is not the first report we have seen from patients who found their experience so awful they took the time to warn the community with posts like this.   

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