Giving voice to victims of Family Health Centers of San Diego

Patient describes a life destroyed by FHCSD mental health: "a despicable way to treat a human being"

 This newly found report on the aptly named "pissed consumer" is of special interest to the editor of this publication.   This was first posted in November of last year but was updated on December 26 of last year, so it is only a few months old.  Randal Qrg reports that he was a patient of Dr. Edward Erb, as was this editor, who had mysteriously disappeared in July of 2020.   

Now we know more of the story.   As this post reveals, Dr. Erbe, "walked out on them" but he doesn't say why.  Given the extremely dishonest nature of the management and staff of the FHCSD mental health department, it is easy to understand how this could be justified - no one should have to put up with abusive treatment, but as this point points out, "it continues to be a case of abandoning hundreds of people seeking mental health treatment in San Diego".  Dr. Erbe is the psychiatrist providing treatment to the editor of this publication who was also a victim of the "coverup" of this mass patient abandonment by the staff of the mental health department at FHCSD.  

Mr. Org goes on to describe a true horror story, where he was removed from his successful mental health treatment for a full year "with no medications and no substitute doctor" and then forced into "three days of testing" - after which they put him back into the same meds that "they yanked me off of cold turkey for a year".  as Mr. Org's describes the situation:

They deny any responsibility and receive their funding primarily from Federal funds.   They basically plan a numbers game catering to low-income people like myself.   My life fell apart that year and I've never recovered from the damage.  They put me through ***"

Except for the "three days of testing" that is virtually identical to what happened to the editor of this publication; the Federal government should be deeply ashamed the have let this extremely abusive treatment of vulnerable populations continue for so long from this horrible organization.  Mr. Org closes by saying that the staff of FHCSD, "never had one word of regret or remorse.   It is a despicable way to treat a human being"

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