Giving voice to victims of Family Health Centers of San Diego

A courageous drug user calls out the Chief psychiatrist of Family Health Centers of San Diego for his failed urine testing program

Since we have experienced firsthand the outrageous lies and outright fabrications of Joe Sepulveda - now the chief of psychiatry at Family Health Centers of San Diego, we wondered if others would ever report that they have experienced the same kind of abusive treatment.  Remember, there is a huge disincentive for reporting dishonest, abusive, and even criminal behavior by mental health staff at this corrupt "non-profit"  organization - you have to "out yourself' as both using a "low income" government-funded clinic, and that you have been receiving mental health treatment.  

Even with "anonymous" posting - which is not all that anonymous because "telling your story" can easily reveal who you are, so we were happy to find this post that Denise H made in July of last year, but disappointed that we didn't find it sooner so we could have told her she is not alone in experiencing this kind of abusive behavior from Joe Sepulveda and the horribly mismanaged mental health department for FHCSD. 

Denise H. is an admitted drug user but began receiving medically assisted treatment (MAT) from Joe Sepulveda who claims to have a "subspecialty" in "substance abuse" and falsely accused the editor of this publication of trying to "buy drugs under the table" during an online meeting, along with other false accusations and a whole slew of psychiatric conditions he invented to fool the court system.   In the case of Denise H., she fully admits she has failed drug tests in the past but is adamant that she did come anywhere near drugs this time, and is passionate in her denial of this accusation.   Instead of showing sympathy, fighting for her rights or at least ordering another test, Sepulveda called her "delusional" - something this lying hack also said in official court records about the editor of this publication, who he had never met. 

Luckily, Denise H found her way to a successful and non-exploitive treatment program at Kaiser so she posted this message as a warning to others about this failed MAT program, and probably in the hope that FHCSD would do the right thing and investigate their failure to help this woman and the fraudulent of failed procedures in their forced during testing program. 

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