Giving voice to victims of Family Health Centers of San Diego

FHCSD has "dishonest psychiatrists" and "bogus clinicians" who will ridicule you if you try to speak

This was posted on a review site aptly named "pissed consumer" in December of last year - about three months ago.  We just found this site and it may be less censored than others because people there seem to be willing to speak their mind about the horrific treatment they received at FHCSD, particularly their failed mental health department.  

Posting anonymously, this patient described sessions with "dishonest psychiatrists" who spend two-thirds of the session time on administrative paperwork and ridicule him when he tries to speak.  The patient notes that if the session is being recorded then it would be obvious that she is the one who is ill and purposely stressing her patients.  

FILE: FHCSD - 05 -  pissed consumer - dishonest psychiatrists - 2022-03-03_00-09-11

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