Giving voice to victims of Family Health Centers of San Diego

Shocking disregard for patient safety: elevator in FHCSD clinic hasn't had a safety inspection since 2018

 We first heard about this safety violation back in early October when Jaami Waali, posted this review on Yelp letting them know about this serious violation.  Presumably, Jaami mentioned this to the staff there or he wouldn't have posted this, but even if he didn't it is there for all to see.  

Because we were swamped with so many reports of abusive behavior by FHCSD staff, we didn't publish this as we probably should have, assuming that a patient complaint made publically of something so serious would be addressed immediately. 

We couldn't have been more wrong.  Late last month, Dasianaie Rupe took the time to make another public report about this safety violation - this time on Google places, saying that seeing that sign, "made me nervous every time I was there".  Why shouldn't it?   An organization that doesn't care about the safety of its customers and staff is not going to care about the low quality of there medical care or anything other than billing and profits. 

Seriously, we wonder if FHCSD is even pretending to be a medical and health services provider anymore.  We know of no business, large or small, in any industry where this would be tolerated.  Is it any wonder that more people are describing them as "ghetto" and associating them with the government.  They are not entirely wrong - this is a failure of government oversight and regulation nnd it is shocking that they let it go this far.   

The solution is NOT  to give this corrupt non-profit more money - that will just make the problem worse.  It is to give San Diego residents choice other options that provide a decent quality of medical and mental health care, rather than forcing our residents to try to get help from this corrupt 'non-profit'".

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