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Resident asks key question about FHCSD mental health providers: "how are they doctors?"

 Raymond Michels, who we presume tried to use the mental health services at FHCSD, posted a concise review on Google places in giving his one-star review: "How are they doctors?".   Though he didn't say much else, we think we know where Raymond is coming from - FHCSD clearly has a "supply problem" with mental health services, but they never communicate that to their patients.   It is likely that if you are even able to make an appointment it will be a poor match unlikely to help you.  Again, what so many others have learned is that the primary purpose of FHCSD is to bill for medical services, not to actually supply medical services

FILE: \FHCSD - 05 - main - how are they even doctors - 2022-02-17_07-36-07.png

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