Giving voice to victims of Family Health Centers of San Diego

Possible criminal malpractice as FHCSD tries to schedule an unnecessary root canal

Absolutely outrageous behavior by FHCSD dental clinic.,  Joy Ace reported on Google Places that the City Heights Clinic of Family Health Care Centers of San Diego told her she needed a root canal after taking a set of x-rays.  They then told her that first, she had to come back in three months to get a cleaning, so obviously, they weren't too concerned about her health.   When she went to a competent dentist she learned that she in fact didn't have a root canal but FHCSD refused to forward the x-ray

Whether this was their normal incompetent behavior and the x-rays were just so they could bill her insurance, or whether they refused to send the x-rays to cover up their criminal behavior, but it's unbelievable that the government has failed in its primary responsibility of protecting its citizens. 

The editor of this publication can confirm that the FHCSD dental clinic is an absolute butcher shop - x-rays are done only for billing and if you want to limit the radiation exposure you are treated like you are stupid - multiple unnecessary x-rays and completely unnecessary procedures he was mutilated by the hacks in that clinic. 

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