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Patient says poorly trained FHCSD "therapist" trying to prescribe medications he doesn't want

 A patient going by the pseudonym Modestas Taraila has warned on Google Places that FHCSD is the "worst place ever" for mental health therapy and they "have no clue what they are doing".  Even more alarming he says they are "constantly trying to prescribe pills" and from the tone of the message, it is pretty clear he does not want them.  He closes by saying he wouldn't recommend FHCSD to anyone and that the staff there "needs so much training".   While this is still another failure of the FHCSD mental health department it is not his failure and his report that they are trying to force him to take medications should be taken extremely seriously, given that FHCSD does not even get the concept of "patient consent" 

FILE: FHCSD - 11 - Google - City Heights - Horrible therapist - 2022-02-20_20-57-45

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