Giving voice to victims of Family Health Centers of San Diego

Patient in horrible pain forced to emergency room after misdiagnosis by rude and incompetent FHCSD staff physician

 Renee, an FHCD patient has reported on Google places that Dr. Kim at the Lemon Grove facility insisted she had back problems when she went in complaining about pain in her abdomen.  The pain became so debilitating that she went back four days later in severe pain where she was treated with rudeness by the attending nurse.  She was forced again to the waiting room, in tears, and doubled over in pain until the nurse came back after conferring with Dr. Kim told her to basically to get lost saying "if you are in pain go to the ER - we have already helped you".   After she was kicked out, she did go to the emergency room where she was correctly diagnosed as having gallstones and given competent medical treatment.

We're sorry that this happened to Renee, and that so many San Diego residents experience the insulting combination of rudeness, arrogance, and incompetence that is part of the culture of FHCSD.  She made the right decision is saying that she "will never go back" and we appreciate that she took the time to issue this warning to others in the region. 

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