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Partner of expecting patient denied entry into ultrasound viewing after getting permission from phone support

Kephion H reports on yelp that he was denied entry to an ultrasound viewing after getting the ok from FHCSD phone support.  He said something many, many others have said or thought, "I don't like the way they do business".   While is hard to 'lower expectations" anymore with FHCSD we can assume that his wife got to see the ultrasound or he would have mentioned that - which seems to prove they at least have an ultrasound machine.  So many broken-hearted women have reported not being able to see their ultrasounds that we were beginning to wonder whether they even had an ultrasound machine. 

FILE: FHCSD - 08 - Yelp - City Heights - denied entry - 2022-03-02_23-39-43.jpg

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