Giving voice to victims of Family Health Centers of San Diego

Outright theft of patient's time has become commonplace at FHCSD as patient reports 3-hour wait with an appointment

Even at normal medical clinics, "wasting time" is a common complaint, but nowhere is it more extreme than at Family Health Centers of San Diego where it might be more accurate to say they "leverage time" to maximize the profit of their clinics.   The causes a huge amount of outrage and anger in the community but always on an individual level - no one at FHCSD or any of the agencies that are supposed to be regulating care in the slightest about "wasting the time" of people they consider to be beneath them.  

This egregious disregard for the time and livelihood of their "patients" has caused immense damage not only to the countless residents who can afford it least but also to the economic health of the entire region.  We are not sure yet how they leverage time, but double or even triple booking is a good suspect - someone in management clearly does not know how to schedule and their "one minute late" policy and we know of no other business that could get away with such outrageous behavior.   For this reason, we are changing the name of ou tracking tag from "wasted time" to "theft-of-time" to more accurately account for one of the most damaging criminal activities at FHCSD. 

FHCSD - 07 - main - 3 hours late for a scheduled appointment - 2022-02-17_07-32-24ither region.   

FILE: FHCSD - 07 - main - 3 hours late for scheduled appointment - 2022-02-17_07-32-24

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