Giving voice to victims of Family Health Centers of San Diego

FHCSD turns away a sick pregnant women desperately trying to see a doctor - even with an appointment she made weeks in advance

 Sarah Weyland reports on Google places that she was turned away at the door at FHCSD while she was pregnant even though she had booked an appointment.  This was posted just a few days ago, but Ms. Weyland says that she was "pregnant at the time" which hints that this might have happened sometime in the past, but she is just posting about it now.   This demonstrates the deep scars FHCD is leaving on our community as people try to get healthcare from this quasi-monopoly only to be insulted, have a massive amount of their time wasted only to be denied the medical or mental care they desperately need.   It also exposes the ridiculous lie that they "never turn anyone away".   The truth is they turn people away who cannot be quickly and conveniently processed for Medi-Cal billing - the true purpose of this horrible organization.  

FILE: FHCSD - 13 - Google - City - pregnant - turned away - 2022-02-20_21-01-11

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