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FHCSD Mental Health Counselor: "weak and incompetent management" have created "toxic work environment"

Things must be getting pretty bad at the FHCSD mental health department- for the employees, not just the people who have tried to get mental health services from this failed program.  A current employee posting on the Indeed employee review site last week has called management there "weak and incompetent" and said they have created a "toxic work environment". 

 Other employees of the FHCSD mental health department have also done this, but almost always after they have resigned, but this was posted by a current counselor who was revealed to be working in the Chula Vista clinic.  Although posted anonymously this is probably enough information to identify the employee, and given the FHCSD reputation for vicious retaliation against anyone who complains about their incompetence or abusive practices.

The employee also alludes to the high turnover rate in the mental health department which means as these employees quit more people who are trying to get mental health help from this organization will be rescheduled, canceled, or otherwise disrupted and cheated out of the mental health help they needed - perhaps forever. This has already caused something like a "death spiral" where no counselor stays long enough to give mental health treatment under their model of mental health care - until we reach the point where almost everyone who tries to use FHCSD for mental health services fails to get any kind of meaningful help, and only a tiny few have anything that could be called a successful outcome.  

While we appreciate this employee's courage and honesty - this employee is simply confirming something the "patients" have known for years - the management of the mental health department is "truly incompetent" and the mental health program at FHCSD - if you can even call it a 'program" - have been a completer and total failure that has harmed a huge number of residents of the San Diego region. 

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