Giving voice to victims of Family Health Centers of San Diego

Devastating critique of FHCSD's failed mental health program: illegal activities, billing fraud and repeated privacy violations

Jordan Maitlasso, who attempted to use Family Health Centers of San Diego for both his medical and mental health care, has given a devastating critique of the mental health services at that organization.   He says that all his appointments have been over the phone and most are only five minutes or less before they move on to the next patient, nevertheless they charge Medi-Cal for as much as a full hour. which he notes is clearly billing fraud - an illegal activity, all the more so since they are obviously double billing for the same time period while providing no useful services whatsoever. 

The counseling itself is all but useless he goes on to say, and at every appointment, he feels that they "dismiss" whatever he says.  Worse, he says this happens when he "asks for referrals" which they don't give him, leaving him trapped in their dysfunctional system.  He says he has witnessed frequent privacy violations and even the names of clients being named while he was in session including obvious HIPAA violations.  

He sums up his take on the experience he has had at FHCSD with the conclusions that many others have made after repeated attempts to use their medical or mental health services: "bottom line Family Health Centers is just trying to push as many clients as they can through their providers to bill as much money as they can.  

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