Giving voice to victims of Family Health Centers of San Diego

Ruthlessness and incompetence of FHCSD on display as appointment cancelled without notice or explanation

Tatiana Antunes makes a heartbreaking post that sadly is commonplace at FHCSD "community clinics" - a mean-spirited disregard for the time and money they waste of their "patients".  In this case, Tatina reports that after confirming her appointment with a gynecologist twice, she hired a many for her child, and then had to drive more than 40 minutes both ways only to be told her appointment was canceled.  She was given not given any warning or notice like a phone call or text message, they just let her hire a nanny and drive across town for no reason.  Now she will have to do this all over again - a significant cost 

FHCSD - Google - Logan - Horrible - cancelled appointment - 2022-01-14_01-21-17.png

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