Giving voice to victims of Family Health Centers of San Diego

Dishonest attempt by FHCSD to stop residents from reporting the abusive practices at their clinics

Management at FHCSD ( Family Health Care Centers of San Diego) has posted a picture on several online review sites that has been deceptively worded to make it appear to be instructions from the moderator of the site.   So far, we have seen this only on Google review sites but they seem to have posted this image titled "When you write a review of a health center" on review sites for all of their clinics.   

It goes on to give instructions on what you are allowed to share, and what you are not allowed to share including that you should share "what you liked about your services, staff, providers, etc." but you should not post "false, threatening, or discriminatory remarks.  Given the culture of dishonesty at Family Health Centers of San Diego, which produced this piece of propaganda, it would be nice to know what their definition of "false" is, and exactly what action they would take if they decided to claim something was "false".  

More seriously, it would be nice to know their definition of "threats" since this organization has a reputation for making false accusations and vicious retaliation against anyone - patient or employee who criticizes their abusive practices and exploitation of residents in the region and they seem to have set an extremely low bar for what they consider to be a "threat" - in the case of the editor of this publication saying "the system is broken" was interpreted as meaning something dangerous and reactionary. 

The complaint system IS broken -  if you can even call it "a system" saying "the system has been gamed" might be more appropriate. There are at least a half dozen different places to file a complaint, and not one of them represents the interests of the patient.  FHCSD "patients" are flocking to these sights because their voices are not heard elsewhere.  

This is just another outrageous example of FHCSD's disrespect for the most basic of American values.  In the culture and worldview of this organization their "patients" are not equals and should have no right to speak freely - as further demonstrated with the children's colors and condescending tone of this propaganda piece. 

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