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FHCSD Therapist confirms one reason for the failure of their mental health services

Possibly inadvertently, a former FHCSD therapist posting on the Glassdoor employer review site has accurately reported one of the major reasons for the failure of the mental health department at FHCSD,   In the review titled "Poor Model for Therapy" made on October 20th of last year, the former employee writes that FHCSD has a "factory model of therapy" where patients are forced to "wait +2 months for an intake, then can be seen once every six to eight weeks". The "lose-lose" nature of this arrangement was revealed the three-word phrase that closed the review: "unsustainable caseload numbers". 

Did anyone bother asking the people who received these mental health services what they got out of it?   What she didn't mention is that the FHCSD system - if you even want to call it that - will send people completely to the back of the line to start all over again if their "therapist" misses the appointment - which can cause a delay of an additional six weeks or more - it is completely worthless.  

Apparently, the management of the FHCSD mental health department has never heard of "minimal effective dose" - below a prescribed level most medications become worthless, and a "therapy" session you go to every two much is exactly the same.  Too much life has gone by between meetings - the therapist remembers little of what was discussed before.  It is an enormous waste of time, especially for those who must travel or use public transportation to get to these sessions.  

We need to know the failure rate of these sessions, and we especially want to know who FHCSD is "blowing off" because they don't see them as good billing fodder.   Unfortunately, from what little we have seen of FHCSD data collection methods, we have zero confidence we will be able to learn much from those records.  As it stands now, all the public and donor money being spent on mental health services at FHCSD is primarily a jobs program for the mental health workers there, and a method to fund the bloated salaries for this "non-profit". 

FHCSD is not helping - and in fact, is harming the mental health of people who ask for help.   We need to replace this organizing and find a better way of helping residents of the region get the kind of help they want and need.  

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