Giving voice to victims of Family Health Centers of San Diego

FHCSD employee says they have "terrible management" and confirms that "the goal at this company is to bill"

 A review of the  Glassdoor employee review site found this posted in August last year by an anonymous (but verified) employee.  Like many FHCSD employees, she (no gender specified- we will use she/her)  likes her co-workers but in one line reveals everything a prospective employee needs to know about FHCSD - about low pay, overworking, bad health benefits, micromanagement.  She also confirmed from the inside what so many have observed from the e outside as patients trying to use their services for medical or mental health care - namely, that: "the goal at this company is to bill".   In this review and analysis, she also gets the "company" part right- there's a growing realization in no way can FHCSD be considered to be a real "non-profit organization" and the organization has greatly misused that status and is now little more than a Midi-Cal billion mill. .  

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