Giving voice to victims of Family Health Centers of San Diego

FHCSD doctors are young, unprofessional, insensitive, close-minded and treat patients with suspicion

Posting on Yelp, Mikayla H. gave one of the most concise statements we have heard about the dysfunction at FHCSD.  

FHC does not want to help you. especially if you know anything about your own condition or have already been on medication for it. They do not do medication maintenance.  FHCSD doctors are young, unprofessional, insensitive, close-minded and treat patients with suspicion.  Don't waste your time and energy with this place.

Though she doesn't say directly we can surmise that she was seeking help for mental health medication not knowing that in the culture of FHCSD mental health department you are considered to be criminal, and even junior level staff seem to enjoy overturning successful treatment regimes so they 

FILE: FHCSD - 08 - Yelp - North Park -do not want to help - meds - 2022-03-02_23-31-06

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