Giving voice to victims of Family Health Centers of San Diego

Horrific malpractice at FHCSD as patient with heart failure diagnosed as "needing a COVID vaccine".

Gemal Yaris posted about the dangerous level of incompetence he experienced after the forced him to beg for the x-rays he needed after a car accident.   Instead, Dr. K Taylor misdiagnosed his chest injury as being COVID but refused to give him a COVID test to find out and instead "bullied" him into getting a COVID vaccine.  This seems to be still another case of FHCSD cashing in on the pandemic by forcing patients go get COVID vaccines regardless of their actual health issue and in many cases ignoring it entirely.  In this case, Yaris had to go to the emergency room to learn he was having heart failure.  The tragic part of this is that no one at FHCSD will learn anything from this, no one will get in even mild trouble, and they will continue their endless abuse of residents of San Diego who need medical care, all while maintaining their sense of self-righteousness and continuing to believing they can do no wrong because they are helping people can't get medical care anywhere else. 

FILE: FHCSD - 12 - Google - Northpark - horrific malpractic - 2022-01-20_16-34-24

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