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Mental health patient describes condescending "therapist" at FHCSD who misdiagnosed him with PTSD

Again confirming the way therapists working in the mental health department of FHCSD love to give or change a "diagnosis",  a reviewer using the screen name Messi Sauce reports that a therapist there disregard his concerns and instead tried to diagnose him with PTSD.  The circumstance is not clear, but this "therapist" also tried to get Messi to leave his current therapist- who presumably was on some kind of leave.   

Tius is one of many reports we have seen - and have experienced to an extreme degree ourselves, of trigger-happy FHCSD mental health "professionals" giving patients diagnoses of a new mental health condition at the drop of a hot.   In this case, giving a diagnosis of PTSD seems especially unprofessional given that if there is one diagnosis that should require patient content and agreement it should be that - if they say they don't have PTSD, they don't have PTSD. 

.As so many others have reported, mental health treatment at FHCSD leaves them feeling far worse - often angry at the rudeness and incompetence they experience. 

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