Giving voice to victims of Family Health Centers of San Diego

Another FHCSD patient reports "worse customer service ever" after rudeness from front desk

 An FHCSD patient using the brand name "Auto Mechanic Channel" reported that an employee named "Emma" became so angry after she was asked a question about insurance that they had to tell her to calm down.  While this is the reverse of the normal situation where rude or incompetent FHCSD staff makes a "patient" angry -often my a callous disregard for the time they are wasting, it could be two sides of the same coin.  The failed business model at FHCSD crams poorly qualified entry-level employees with an overload of patients needing medical or mental health care, a situation that ie guaranteed to cause anger. 

FILE: FHCSD - 14 - Google - El Cajon - rude - anger - 2022-01-20_14-25-54

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