Giving voice to victims of Family Health Centers of San Diego

Almost unbelievable arrogance, incompetence and dishonesty as another patient attempts to get prenatal care at fHCSD

Nina S, posting on Yelp, has given a horrific account of her attempts to get prenatal care at FHCSD, where she instead encountered incompetence, arrogance. rudeness. outright lying and what we need start calling a criminal waste of time as she tries to get care for her unborn child.  Nina reports that she had bad experiences with both her pregnancies.  After getting confirmation that her ultra-sound had been scheduled for the next day she arrived to learn the staff was claiming her appointment had actually been earlier and they had no time for her.  As so many other "patients" of FHCSD have learned, staff there will lie even for things that can be easily disproved - in this case they told her that a text message had been sent when it clearly had not been sent.  Nina joins a chorus of women who have complained about abusive and incompetent treatment at FHCSD while trying to get prenatal care, who have been cheated out of medical care by Family Health Care Centers of San Diego. 

FILE:  FHCSD - 12 - Yelp - North Park - lying prenatal - 2022-01-04_12-14-59

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