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It's a hat trick! FHCSD finds new way to insult patients while demanding unnecessary treatments, committing billing fraud, and denying the right of "patient consent"

The extreme risk of going to FHCSD for any kind of medical care can be found in this post by Vikram Bhardwaj.   Mr. Bhardwaj went to FHCSD for routine vaccinations for his son in May of this year - he is not an anti-vaxxer.   As soon as the physician - Dr. J. Chen ( LICENSE A 141057) heard they were vegetarians, she demanded blood tests for iron deficiency.  As Mr. Bhardwaj pointed out there are billions of people in Asia who are vegetarian and healthy and the iron in their blood is just fine - it can be found in plants, as well as meat. 

Dr. Chen then demanded that his child take a TB test even though there were no symptoms because the family lived "close to the Mexican border" though the far more likely reason is to profit from the procedure.  As Mr. Bhardwaj rightly pointed out this is not only over-the-top "prejudice" it is also rude and insulting.   It didn't stop there - Dr. Chen then brazenly made a move on his child and attempted to intimidate Mr. Bhardwaj by saying that because the child is 13 "he doesn't need your consent under California law".

This is an outrageous abuse of power - we are already advising anyone who is using the services of their mental health department to get legal representation to prevent intimidation and power plays like this,  so it is shameful that we are seeing so many examples of this in their medical department as well. 

Mr. Bhardwaj made a great and insightful point in his closing statement - that he feels sorry for doctors who get so much education only to end up working "like a car repair shop technician trying to sell you something or other about your car - or in this case your body".   Trying to force an injection on someone's kid - and claiming you have the legal right to stick a needle in the kid's arm and inject a "substance" (to use the word their mental health department loves so much) is assaultive - pure thuggery.  

As MANY others have pointed out, FHCSD has no concept of "patient consent" - they consider their patients to be more like a herd of cattle, where they can practice their "population health" and they also have no concept of individual accountability, so we feel it is our responsibility to change that since our citizens and residents of San Diego region are clearly being harmed by this organization.

Dr Chen's behavior in this incident was outrageous and disgraceful - and probably illegal, and given the times we are in, she is treading on extremely dangerous ground when she starts ordering and intimidating someone who came in to get a vaccine in the first place.   We call on Dr. Chen and the entire FHCSD organization to publically apologize to Mr. Bhardwaj - on all major social media and in a press release, and compensate him for the time he spent in that insulting meeting, traveling to it, and the time he spent finding another provider.  This is a rude introduction to our community and FHCSD should be ashamed that they tolerate so much of this kind of behavior. 

Perhaps occasionally people at that organization should remember the words attributed to the poet Maya Angelou: 

People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.'

I certainly never will.  



FILE: FHCSD - Google - Diamond - vegitarian - may 21

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