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FHCSD Whistleblower: Employees judged by ability to reach "impossible numbers' also says "you will be treated like a dog if you complain"

In a devastating and brutally honest review posted on the review site "Indeed" by an employee at  FHCSD, we learned something we already knew - that FHCSD judges employees almost solely by their ability to "do the numbers" set by management which is impossible to reach - obviously resulting in degraded patient care. 

This employee was a "patient engagement specialist" who left about a year ago but left some alarming insights into how Family Health Centers of San Diego operates,  For example, he says "if you complain even in the slightest, you will be treated like a dog and then written up for any minor mistake you make".  This "intolerance" of dissent - in this case, taken to the extreme level of not even tolerating "complaints" is one of the hallmarks of a sick and corrupt organization.  

The "retaliation" for complaints, however, takes this to a new and almost criminal level. The editor of this publication himself experienced this kind of vicious retaliation after reporting the criminal malpractice he witnessed at FHCSD and the "coverup" orchestrated by FHCSD administrative staff.   Even in normal circumstances, retaliation against complaints is absolutely toxic to any organization and goes a long way towards explaining why this organization never improves, and the extremely low quality of their medical care. 

It also means, essentially, that the worst people at FHCSD - the ones who consider their patients little more than numbers are the ones who get hired and promoted resulting in what is sometimes called a 'vicious circle".  This is exacerbated at FHCSD because they only hire entry-level employees, who through a combination of policy and 'cultural pressure" are expected to leave their jobs after about two years - demonstrated by the near-universal opinion among employees that FHCSD is a "good place to start and gain experience' but a horrible place to stay for the long term.  

The conclusion is inescapable - FHCSD is operating on a "failed business model"  that involves cramming untrained and inexperienced new employees with low-income or Medical recipients, and then demanding that these patients be treated as nothing more than numbers, so they can pay the bloated salaries of senior executives.  Meanwhile, the quality of care has degraded rapidly: "a human chop shop" is how another employee put it.  Couple that with the fact that FHCSD is hasbecome a corrupt "non-profit - operating virtually without regulation while - scheduling a huge number of unnecessary appointments, unnecessary procedures, profiteering, double booking, upcoding - really, you can't swing a dead cat without hitting Medi-Cal and other types of billing fraud.  

All this occurs with callous disregard of the lives this organization damages on a daily basis, including "leveraging" the time patients who can afford it least have to spend to get this low-quality medical care.  A  visit by the Inspector General is long overdue as this place should be investigated with a large number of forensic accountants.  They have been harming our region for far too long. 

FILE: FHCSD - Indeed - complaint retaliation 2 - 2020

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