Giving voice to victims of Family Health Centers of San Diego

FHCSD patient horrified when "therapist" reports patient's ex-husband to Child Protective Services (CPS) as a child molestation suspect

Another post about the extreme danger of using Family Health Centers of San Diego for any kind of mental health services can be found in this horrifying report an FHCSD patient made on Google Places prior to the pandemic.  This patient reports that after she casually mentioned that her child had a small bruise after visiting her Father, 

The response from FHCSD management is equally alarming.  In an "unsigned" comment - at is the standard procedure there to avoid all individual responsibility they assert "we are required by the law to report any suspected abuse, even if the incident may seem minor, or accidental in nature".  The FHCSD employee who wrote this post asserts almost total power over anyone who uses their mental health services, claiming they "are required by any suspected abuse, even if the incident may seem minor or accidental in nature".    

This FHCSD employee then goes on to spew some propaganda about how "well trained" their therapists are, and then, like a parent holding a child, makes the almost certainly false claim that "we reviewed this with you verbally and in writing prior to the appointment".   The editor of this publication can confirm that no such warning was given, and employees if FHCSD will simply lie and claim you have signed documents you never signed.  Even though the false accusation is easy to disprove, they know there is no real way for patients to complain that will have any effect.  

FHCSD Watch encourages you to use extreme caution before using any FHCSD medical services, and in particular consult with an attorney ve

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