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BREAKING: Family Health Center "therapist" allegedly harassing users of Facebook

A Family Health Center of San Diego (FHCSD) patient, Stephanie Nonya, posted a review on Google Places late last week alleging that an employee of FHCSD, Harmeet Agroia  (license 10829) has been  harassing people on Facebook by telling them they need "therapy".  Even from somone who wasn't a "mental health professional" this would be insulting, but coming from a "therapist" at FHCSD shows the sense of entitlement and incompetence that has taken root in the Mental Health Department there.

Many of us have also experienced the sick culture of "instant diagnosis" - where FHCSD employees in the mental-health-deparment want to assign DSM-5 mental health conditions - often to patients they aren't even treating.  This is a breaking story - the allegations raised about Harmeet Agroia are being investigated by FHCSD Watch - please contact the editor if you have any additional information. 

FILE: FHCSD - Google - main - Facebook harrassment - 2021-09-17_1-34-52

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