Giving voice to victims of Family Health Centers of San Diego

Patient mutilated at FHCSD Dental Clinic warns oThers: "STAY AWAY OR YOU WILL REGRET IT!!!"

 Another patient. Jeremiah S,  has reported on Yelp of an unnecessary dental procedure at the FHCSD dental clinic in City Heights - this time a tooth extraction.   If these allegations are true - especially if they were performed to maximize billing as is so often the case there, then we have no problem calling this a mutilation and calling for criminal prosecution of this dentist and the manager there who have made this kind of behavior possible.  

The editor of this publication also had a tooth needlessly destroyed by this organization so that they could put a crown in that was neither needed or wanted.  These dental clinics are one of the biggest "profit centers" for clinics that are funded with Federal money so many of their procedures are unnecessary, or time-consuming (for the patient) but generate money from Denti-Cal. 

Jeremiah also reported a two-hour wait for a scheduled appointment, and extreme rudeness on the part of FHCSD staff and warned others in our community to "STAY AWAY OR YOU WILL REGRET IT" 

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