Giving voice to victims of Family Health Centers of San Diego

Former patient nails it: "they don't understand the concept of "consent" she says after FHCSD staff attempts to book another unnecessary appointment

Tony C, had experience with other healthcare providers so knew something was wrong after being given the repeated runaround in trying to schedule ultrasounds - something we have heard from many other FHCSD patients.  She rightly refused to make the necessary appointment until she got her test results - but was left with the impression that the appointment would be made anyway.  

She drew the right conclusion from her observation that FHCSD doesn't understand the concept of "consent".  While she and her husband would never come again, she had this insightful observation:

...the people that do not have the option are stuck here. This odd power dynamic with them telling you what you are doing with your body and time is super concerning and not the standard in medical systems. I wonder if people experiencing this power dynamic are able to take charge of their care at all? 


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