Giving voice to victims of Family Health Centers of San Diego

More patient complaints about bullying behavior by FHCSD staff psychiatrist Darinka Aragon

FHCSD patient Andrea Kruza said she has never experienced such judgment and "extremely rude" and argumentative behavior from FHCSD staff psychiatrist Darinka Aragon after her previous mental health services provider Tara Knight left the organization.   

The editor of the publication experienced almost identical bullying behavior from Darinka Aragon, who like many in the mental health department there has an overblown sense of entitlement and condescending attitude towards patients.  The full story will be reported here, but in less than five minutes she destroyed a highly successful mental health program and a relationship with my healthcare provider going back almost a decade.  Unfortunately, Darinka Aragon is a near-perfect "cultural fit" for FHCD - an organization with great disdain for its patients, especially in the mental health department, and sees them as little more than billing entities. 

FILE: FHCSD - Google - Logan - Aragon rude - 03-Jun-21

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