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Patient calls FHCSD "unprofessional" after making him wait hours and go through an "examination" for services they knew they didn't provide

A patient going by the screen name "Tootired ty" reports a bizarre incident that somehow is commonplace at FHCSD,  He was referred by the clinic in Spring Valley to Logan Heights for a medical service and, after waiting two hours, they examined him but provided no services.   They told him to come back for the actual service and after making him wait two hours was told that the Logan clinic didn't provide that service so he would have to start all over again. 

This kind of behavior seems to come from the "patients are cattle" attitude at FHCSD but it is hard to see how this is not outright billing fraud. Why was he referred to the clinic in the first place, and why did he have to wait two hours when the check-in procedure should have caught that this was a service they didn't provide - so apparently this "examination" was just for billing purposes - the patient didn't want it or ask for it.  

FILE: FHCSD - Google - Logan - multiple cancels - 13-Jun-21

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