Giving voice to victims of Family Health Centers of San Diego

Disturbing reports of censorship by FHCSD on patient review sites

While a few review sites recognize the importance of letting patients freely express their views, some do allow organizations that have something to hide - like FHCSD - to have posts removed on technicalities or worse for "strong language".  In our experience, FHCSD considers "stifling complaints" much more important than resolving or learning about them.  We don't know what happened to Sarah at the City Heights Clinic but our hearts go out to her.  She didn't write that review for her own health but as a warning to others.  Since FHCSD has no effective oversight the review sites are one of the few places where the community can protect itself from the abusive and exploitive practices of this organization. 

FHCSD - Google - City Heights - censored - 07-Jun-21.png

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