Giving voice to victims of Family Health Centers of San Diego

These places should be shut down, says patient at Beach Area Family Health Center, "No one cares about your well being, and you will be treated like a deadbeat from start to finish"

 Harmony Kushman wrote this disturbing post in late May of this year.  She observes as many others have, that this organization does not care if you are out of medications, or are in pain, or have a hard time getting there due to age or disability, and she notes that THEY DO NOT CARE if not seeing a doctor immediately puts your life in danger.   She wonders how there can be so many people at FHCSD who have jobs where they are supposed to care for people who could really care less.  She concluded, as so many others have, that these clinics should be shut down before they harm more people.  

As one who also Beach Area Family Health Centers, and who also had them seriously botch both my continuity of care (spoiler alert - there is none) and my medications, I also tried to work out my issues with Dixie Galapon who was the director of this clinic at the time, and I can confirm that they absolutely DO NOT CARE about your wellbeing and only their condescending notion that they are "helping the downtrodden" as a mask of their own incompetence.  

This report from Harmony Kushman was really hard to read, and we sincerely hope she found some medical care with people and an organization that does care.  

FILE: FHCSD - Google - meds - they do not care May  21

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