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EXCLUSIVE: FHCSD forcing mental health patients to sign agreement to not show "anger" during therapy sessions

 FHCSD Watch learned today that the dysfunctional Mental Health Department of FHCSD is forcing its mental health patients to sign a written agreement that they will not show "anger" if they display that emotion during a counseling or therapy session.   The woman who told us this - we will call her "Sandy" was herself a medical health professional but went to FHCSD for a medication renewal after the group where she had been getting care disbanded.  

Sandy was appalled, not just because the condescending attitude she received there justified her anger, but because she believes "anger is a part of therapy" and she can't understand how any effective therapy session could even work without it.  Sandy wisely refused to sign these papers and walked out of the meeting so we were not able to obtain a copy of this document so we can examine how it is worded.   

This is just more evidence that FHCSD - at least their mental health department, no longer cares in the least about the well being of their patients, but now exists almost exclusively as a "billing entity" that provides a barely acceptable level of care to patients to justify the inflated salaries of senior staff and management.  If you have been asked to sign such a document we would like to know your story and get a copy of it if you have one. 

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  1. I was recquired to attend mandatory therapy for anger management for advocating for myself concerning repeated lapses in medication.

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