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Is FHCSD mental health department causing suicides?

 We are seeing more courageous people report on the dangerously dysfunctional mental health department at Family Health Centers of San Diego, but increasingly it is seeming that this service exists primarily as a way for FHCSD to profit from the desperate needs of residents of our region.   

That is not to say that there aren't good people here and there at FHCSD, or that some people occasionally get help, but it is becoming increasingly evident that this organization's approach to mental health is doing far more harm than good.  

A patient with the screen name "Expired Topez" drove home this point on Google reviews last week, pointing out that they schedule appointment requests from people desperate for help for the convenience of their billing - without even trying to help them first.  At FHCSD this is considered normal, and the terms we most commonly hear describing FHCSD mental health staff members there is "condescending", "arrogant", "superior" - and far more people than you might think describe their experience in a similar way, "I was treated like I wasn't even human".

How many of our residents who have begged them for help have they simply blown off, or given an appointment so absurdly far off into the future that it amounts to the same thing?  We don't know - and it wouldn't surprise us if they don't bother keeping such records.  Through the Freedom of Information Act, and the California Public Records Act, we have asked for information on how many suicides have occurred with patients under their care, and what actions they take (if any) they take when a patient reports on an intake or survey form that they have considered suicide.  

FHCSD has not responded to repeated requests for this information. We have to wonder what they are hiding. 

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