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Horrifying report of child nearly mutilated by an incompetent and possibly corrupt FHCSD dentist

 With all the horrible reports we are finding and organizing here, including new ones we receive almost daily, this has to be one of the worst.  An FHCSD dentist told a parent that their four-year-old daughter's canal - an expensive and often painful procedure that most adults experience at least once in their lifetime.  Fortunately, the resident who made this report took her daughter to a real dentist and was told that the daughter only had a small cavity and root canals are not done on children who still have their baby teeth. 

This seems like it should be considered criminal malpractice - a child was nearly mutilated but we could find no record of an investigation.  It is hard to imagine what this "dentist" could possibly have been thinking.  Even the most depraved criminals usually wouldn't consider mutilating a child for money so this is likely an unthinking manifestation of the FHCSD worldview that what they call "patients" are little more than billing objects. 

FHCSD - 06 - Google - City - root canal 1921 

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