Giving voice to victims of Family Health Centers of San Diego

Family Health Centers of San Diego repeatedly violates Freedom of Information Act

Family Health Centers of San Diego, an organization that pulls in a massive amount of Federal State and Local government funding, has repeatedly refused requests made for information under both the Federal Freedom of Information Act and the California Public Records Act.   

These laws are an important safeguard to prevent misuse of public funds - a situation that seems to be happening at FHCSD but they apparently ignore requests they don't like.  This particular request asks for documents related to:

 1. Forced drug urine testing of patients in any of their mental health patients without their consent.

2.  Experimental testing being used on patients without their consent.

3.  Data related to the length of time patients wait for mental health service.

4.  Data related to the success or failure of patient outcomes.  

and other questions about the exploitation of patients under their care.  The request was made to Anthony White - their Director of Governmental and Community relations who ignored previous requests.  The situation that caused this request was the false accusations and misuse of the legal system for their own political reasons by misuse of public funding.   


The specific documents requested can be seen at this link

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