Giving voice to victims of Family Health Centers of San Diego

More botched COVID testing as FHCSD doesn't bother calling after resident tests positive

Proving that COVID testing is just another profit-center at FHCSD, Tanya V. - posting on Yelp, reports that no one bothered to call her after she tested positive for COVID and then no one bothered to call for a scheduled phone appointment.  This forced her to call and wait on hold for 30 minutes, only to be transferred to the wrong number - a common occurrence there.    She understandably gave up and hung up, as just another of the countless residents in San Diego who have had their time stolen by FHCSD in a fruitless attempt to get some kind of medical care, only to give up out of anger and frustration in a failure that goes unreported and forgotten. 

FHCSD - Yelp - botched COVID testing - 2021-09-17_23-38-50

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