Giving voice to victims of Family Health Centers of San Diego

The only time FHCSD "follows the rules" is when the Joint Commission accrediting agency has an announced visit, employee reports

 An FHCSD Employee who had been a Medical Assistant confirmed the culture of intolerance and even retaliation against employees for any reason, and said their attitude was "shut up or get out". 

More serious, but not surprising, this employee reported that "the only time FHCSD follows the rules is when the Joint Commission inspects their facilities during an announced visit, then it is "back to being shady". 

The Joint Commission is an accrediting agency that they pay for, so this agency does not protect patient interests, but rather helps FHCSD "improve their operations".  The CEO of FHCSD has bragged about not needing this agency so it is not clear who is evaluating who, but never the less this organization works to deceive this organization, as they work to deceive all regulatory authorities. "Go any other day and you will find administrators "being lazy people - no surprise there," he says.  

This employee also reports what we already knew. that these clinics, "don't train employees properly, they just show them once or twice on how to do certain things and then you go to work on your own". 

Needless to say, these poorly trained employees and put together with Medi-Cal recipients for rushed appointments that you could barely call "medical care" at all - just the absolute minimum to justify billing Medi-Cal or other insurance companies and often much less than even that. 

FILE: FHCSD - Indeed - joint commission - 2020 (1)

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